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Tool Training, Reservation, and Usage

After receiving the MERL safety training, you will have access to the MERL internal blog.
If you want to get a training on the tool, you should submit the training request through the link in the MERL internal blog. In principle, we provides the training of each tool once a month. Related information, such as booking rules, regulation, SOP, are also included in the MERL internal blog.

Access to MERL

Access Procedure
Please fill out two attached forms and send them with your REHS Certificate to
E-mail subject heading of "[MERL Admission] Your Name"
Please indicate your unaccepted day and time of safety training, such as Monday morning in the e-mail, so we can schedule the training.
We provides the safety training once a month.
Files should be attached in the e-mail:

NIST Researchers join MERL

A team of NIST researchers joined MERL as the latest external government users, for advanced research and development of TFET and Nano Switching Memory applications.

News date: 
Apr 16 2012 - 9:28pm
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