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Access to MERL

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Access Procedure
Please fill out two attached forms and send them with your REHS Certificate to
E-mail subject heading of "[MERL Admission] Your Name"
Please indicate your unaccepted day and time of safety training, such as Monday morning in the e-mail, so we can schedule the training.
We provides the safety training once a month.
Files should be attached in the e-mail:

  1. MERL User Information
  2. MERL Work Request-Project Proposal
  3. REHS Certificate


After receiving your e-mail, we will add your information into our database ASAP. Then we will send you a invitation to the internal website: MERL Blogger where we update all training information. Please accept the invitation through your Gmail account.(Scarletmail works). If you still cannot enter the blogger three days later, please e-mail us.
Training Request (Tool Training, Reservation, and Usage)
After finishing the MERL safety training, please use online system to submit your training requests.